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The Latest News From North America's Leading Cancer Centers

Over 5,000 readers—including policymakers and key contacts at over 100 AACI member cancer centers—receive the AACI Update by email each month.

To maintain our high standards of quality, AACI has established some general content guidelines.

AACI Update Sections

Headlines are reserved for major news items, such as center director appointments and high-impact legislative news. Paid advertisments also appear in the this section. To learn more about advertising in the AACI Update, please contact AACI Development Coordinator Shelly Pocratsky.

News From the Centers stories span five categories:

  1. Awards & Honors
  2. Grants & Gifts (exceeding $1 million) 
  3. Leadership Transitions
  4. Research Highlights
  5. Other News 

AACI also publishes meeting and event announcements and job postings as a benefit to members. 

Submission Guidelines
  • AACI must limit the number of stories in each issues to two (2) per member. If a cancer center submits more than two stories for a given issue, AACI communications staff reserve the right to select stories for publication.
  • AACI Update is aimed at a national readership. Please do not submit stories with a local or regional focus, including fundraisers and promotional events.
  • Email stories to [email protected]. Please include a link to a press release or online news story with your submission. If a relevant photo is available, we encourage you to submit a high-resolution JPG or PNG as well.
  • The deadline for submission is three (3) business days before the first of the month. Stories submitted after this deadline will be considered for publication in the following issue. 

2024 AACI Update Schedule 
Submission Deadline
Publication Date
January Friday, December 22, 2023 Thursday, January 4
February Monday, January 29 Thursday, February 1
March Tuesday, February 27 Friday, March 1
April Wednesday, March 27 Monday, April 1
May Friday, April 26 Wednesday, May 1
June Wednesday, May 29 Monday, June 3
July Thursday, June 27 Monday, July 1
August Monday, July 29 Thursday, August 1
September Wednesday, August 28 Tuesday, September 3
October Thursday, September 26 Tuesday, October 1
November Tuesday, October 29 Friday, November 1
December Wednesday, November 27 Monday, December 2

Please note: holidays and AACI events may affect the publication schedule. All dates are subject to change.
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