Physician Clinical Leadership Initiative

About PCLI

A Forum for Cancer Center Leaders

In response to the rapid changes in health care delivery and the expectation to "do more with less" at clinical practices at AACI cancer centers, AACI created a forum for physician clinical leaders. The forum aims to provide a resource for creating best practices to assist cancer center physician clinical leaders in addressing challenges like clinical services reimbursement, integrating electronic medical records with other cancer center IT services, assimilating clinical research and clinical programs to increase trial accrual, and developing performance metrics.

PCLI members convene each year as part of the AACI/CCAF Annual Meeting

Steering Committee

The PCLI Steering Committee is a resource for creating best practices as well as for comparing approaches to common problems facing clinical services leaders.

Claire Verschraegen, MS, MD, FACP
Director & Professor, Division of Medical Oncology
The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute

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Steering Committee Objectives:

  • Oversee the development and implementation of PCLI 
  • Establish goals and metrics to assure that goals are met 
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Set agendas forand frequency ofmeetings, forums, and workshops for PCLI and its working groups and subcommittees
  • Identify PCLI participants 
  • Provide reports on the initiative's progress to AACI's Board of Directors
  • Determine the level of needed financial resources and help identify potential sources of support 

Protected Time Survey
AACI issued a survey to learn more about how protected time is provided for faculty physicians with clinical responsibilities who participate in both clinical research and academic activities.

Webinar Series
2019 Webinars
  • Development and Implementation of a Telemedicine Program at an NCI-Designated Cancer Center
  • Hereditary Cancer Programs (2-part series) 
2018 Webinars
  • Minority Recruitment to Clinical Trials

  • Clinical Pathways and Care

  • Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

  • Challenges and Opportunities of Outreach Clinics

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