AACI Awards

Cancer Health Equity Award

Highlighting Diversity and Inclusion

The AACI Cancer Health Equity Award was created in 2021 to recognize an individual or group who demonstrates exceptional leadership in promoting health equity, mitigating cancer disparities, and advocating for diversity and inclusion at their cancer center.

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Champion for Cures Award

Honoring Philanthropy 

The AACI Champion for Cures Award was created in 2018 to recognize one or more people, who, through direct financial support of an AACI cancer center, demonstrate exceptional leadership in advancing cancer research and care and in inspiring others to do the same.

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Distinguished Scientist Award

Recognizing Scientific Excellence 

The AACI Distinguished Scientist Award was created in 2002 to recognize a major contributor to the field of cancer research. 

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Public Service Award

Honoring Public Servants

The AACI Public Service Award was created in 2003 to recognize public servants who are known supporters of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the cancer centers in their respective states. 

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