AACI Listserv Directory

AACI offers several listservs to provide a forum for cancer center members to network with their peers and ask questions about specific topics or roles. Roundtable meetings, webinars, and other projects have been developed as a result of robust listserv discussions. Listservs are for AACI cancer center members only, and subscribers must have a cancer center email address to join

Clinical Research Innovation (CRI) Listserv 
The CRI listserv is AACI's largest and most active listserv, with more than 1,200 members from 90 AACI cancer centers. The CRI listserv has been a valuable resource for all clinical trials office (CTO) staff to discuss the challenges, solutions, and best practices of clinical research. 

CTO Medical Directors Listserv 
This listserv provides a forum for CTO medical directors to discuss the challenges they experience in their role and creates opportunities for members to mentor other medical directors. Only CTO medical directors or those with similar job responsibilities are added to this listserv (typically one from each center), but exceptions can be made at the discretion of AACI leadership. 

CTO Administrative Director Listserv 
This listserv allows CTO administrative directors to share best practices and benefit from mentorship. Up to three CTO administrative directors from each cancer center are permitted to join. Additional cancer center subscriptions may be requested, and exceptions can be made at the discretion of AACI leadership. 

Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) Listserv 
Discussions in this listserv are focused on community outreach and engagement-related topics. Members frequently share webinars, seminars, and in-person events that support various aspects of COE within their cancer centers' catchment areas. 

Catchment Area Research Data Science (CARDS) Listserv 
The CARDS listserv provides a forum for members to ask questions, make announcements, and seek collaborations on topics related to catchment area research and data science. 

Associate Director for Clinical Research (ADCR) Listserv 
Like the CTO medical and administrative director listservs, this listserv offers a platform for ADCRs to network, mentor, and openly discuss their roles. Only ADCRs are added to this listserv (typically one from each center), but exceptions can be made at the discretion of AACI leadership. 

If you are interested in joining a listserv, please email [email protected] and specify which listserv(s) you would like to join. Please share your name, title, email address, and cancer center or an email signature block including this information.