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DEIA Program Manager

UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

September 27, 2022
The DEIA Program Manager coordinates activities on behalf of the newly formed Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center’s (HDFCCC) Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) as directed by the Associate Director (AD) of DEIA.

Efforts taking place under the Associate Director’s leadership, will evolve in response to needs, opportunities, and input from stakeholders including faculty, trainees, staff, patients, and community leaders. They will extend throughout the HDFCCC, align with the UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach, and complement DEI efforts for the UCSF Office of Research, UCSF School of Medicine and other schools, and UCSF Health.

The DEIA Program Manager collects, generates, and reports on a variety of data, including stakeholder needs and existing DEIA resources within the HDFCCC, within UCSF, and external to UCSF.

As needs without resources are identified, the DEIA Program Manager will work with the Associate Director (AD) of DEIA to develop and implement new programs. The DEIA Program Manager will provide support to existing and future programs, including retention and recruitment efforts, steering committees and other meetings, program development, program evaluation.

This individual must have strong interpersonal and problem solving skills. This individual will coordinate efforts between the Associate Director (AD) and other HDFCCC faculty as well as DEIA counterparts within HDFCCC, e.g. Office of Education and Training (OET), Office of Community Engagement (OCE), and across campus, e.g. Office of Diversity and Outreach (ODO). Ideally, Program Managers for DEIA, OET, and OCE, the three pillars of HDFCCC’s social engagement efforts, will be regular communication to amplify and support efforts. This will include identifying opportunities to include DEIA efforts in those offices’ activities, leveraging/modifying activities that already exist, and working together on new activities, e.g., education activity with outreach to the community to ensure a diverse participation would involve OET, OCE, DEIA. As another example, DEIA’s gender equity training would be jointly supported and marketed via OET’s channels. As DEIA develops its own trainings, resource materials, and financial investment for HDFCCC members, this information will be shared with ODO to amplify within its own channels.

The incumbent will often be the initial point of contact for prospective candidates, students, fellows, and junior faculty searching for information on HDFCCC’s DEIA efforts as the listed contact on websites and public forums. The DEIA Program Manager will serve as a subject matter expert in system-wide resources and activity related to DEIA. They should be able to listen to the needs and recommend appropriate resources based on each individuals’ situation. For example, they may recommend (1) committees and councils where individuals can share concerns or ideas and/or join ongoing efforts to improve UCSF’s inclusive environment, (2) internal awards and funding resources for diverse awardees and research targets, (3) hiring, training, and seminar information, (4) documented best practices and (5) supportive services. They will also be able to speak broadly on DEIA related activity, for example, outreach efforts to local colleges and communities for recruitment of diverse students and faculty and HDFCCC steering committee activities.

The DEIA Program Manager will also draft website content and assist in creating and maintaining data relevant to success metrics across HDFCCC programs and other newly formed Initiatives. This may include finding creative ways to collect data currently not being collected, and will necessitate working with a wide variety of program and initiative managers. Examples could include coordinating with the gender equity committee for its survey data, collecting and collating data from the Office of Education and Training or Postdoctoral Office on diverse trainees, mining employee satisfaction survey data, and working with HR to collect demographic data as available.
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Department Description

The UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (HDFCCC) is redefining what is possible by advancing cancer research and patient care. By unifying outstanding researchers and clinicians, the center minimizes cancer incidence, establishes new frontiers in cancer care, and improves our patients’ lives. We have received the prestigious designation of “comprehensive” from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). We combine basic science, clinical research, epidemiology, cancer control and patient care throughout the University of California, San Francisco.

Building and training a workforce that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable is an important part of our mission and critical to our success. These values are central to our ability to train future generations of scientists and clinicians.

While the Cancer Center’s efforts in this area are not new, appointing Dr. Nguyen to coalesce and lead them reflects a growing awareness about the value of a diverse biomedical workforce.
Required Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in related area and / or equivalent experience / training.
5+ years of related experience
Demonstrates advanced knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion and accessibility programs and applies it to the completion of diverse diversity, equity and inclusion assignments.
Demonstrates advanced level of political and organizational acumen.
Possesses advanced level skills required to gather, organize and perform analyses on diverse diversity, equity and inclusion / accessibility programs and initiatives.
Presents findings and makes recommendations that are significant to a department or unit, both verbally and in writing.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with all levels of staff.
Ability to influence, both verbally and in writing.

Preferred Qualifications

Thorough knowledge of data management, documentation methods used in investigating and presenting findings about the program. Skills include statistical analysis of data across databases and systems.
Demonstrates advanced judgment and technical experience in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions and developing recommendations.
Has in-depth knowledge of organizational policies and procedures; knowledge of functional area and understands how work may impact other areas.