Help AACI Build a Library of Public Policy Resources


In October 2018, AACI President Roy A. Jensen, MD, introduced his presidential initiative, a library of public policy resources, to positively advance policy that will ultimately impact public health.

Now AACI is calling on members to submit materials for the AACI Public Policy Resource Library. Last fall, AACI surveyed members of the AACI Government Relations Forum on the top priority issues for the library. 

For each of these topics, volunteer curators from AACI cancer centers will assist AACI staff in gathering, vetting, and categorizing resources. In addition to collaborating with the designated curators, AACI is seeking the assistance of our members to populate the library with relevant and useful content. We encourage all AACI members to share state-level legislation and additional helpful resources, including op-eds, whitepapers, fact sheets, and infographics, that pertain to cancer center priority issues: 

  • State funding for cancer research

  • Elimination of HPV-related cancers through prevention, screening, and vaccination

  • Tobacco control, including Tobacco 21 legislation and restrictions on e-cigarettes and flavored vaping products

The library will launch on the AACI website this fall, and Dr. Jensen will present an update on the presidential initiative at the AACI/CCAF Annual Meeting on Monday, October 21. 

Please email resources to AACI Government Relations Manager, Jaren Love, or call 412-647-2076 with questions. 

AACI thanks the following curators for volunteering their time and expertise to this project:

State Funding for Cancer Research 

Ashlee Bright 
Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah 

John DeMuro 
Moffitt Cancer Center 

Elimination of HPV-related Cancers 

Anne Levine 
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School 

Tobacco Control

Jim Kennedy 
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Laura Krolczyk 
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Jack Cline
The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Robert McCormack 
The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Christine Wilson
The University of Kansas Cancer Center 

Submit Resources