New Congress Brings New Opportunities

The 116th Congress will convene on January 3, 2019 with nine new members of the United States Senate and 92 new members of the House of Representatives. The incoming Congress is the most demographically diverse in history and trends historically younger with an average age of 49 years old.

With new faces in Washington, AACI cancer centers have a great opportunity to set the stage for a positive relationship with these leaders. Now is the time for your cancer center to invite newly-elected officials in your state or region to your institution, introduce them to faculty and staff, educate them on novel technologies, and offer a tour.

Download a sample Congressional Welcome Letter and adapt it to meet your needs. This letter is designed to help you cultivate relationships, share the work of your cancer center, and inform incoming freshmen of the legislative priorities impacting your cancer center and your patients.

View the Congressional Welcome Letter