'Generational Humorist' to Deliver CRI Keynote

Meagan Johnson will deliver the keynote presentation, "Zap the Generational Gap," at 1:35 pm eastern time on Tuesday, July 7 during the 12th Annual AACI CRI Meeting.

Johnson, a "generational humorist," challenges audiences to think differently and act decisively when working across generations. Since 1997, she has worked with a variety of organizations and associations to help employees find common ground and build on the unique strengths and values of each generation. 

According to Johnson, each generation has a different perception of what motivates them.

"Every generation gets a negative label when it enters the workforce,"  said Johnson. "For example, Baby Boomers were called trouble-making hippies when they first went to work. Once we take time to understand the motivations and mindset of each generation, working with them, communicating with them, and managing them becomes a more successful effort."

The CRI annual meeting will be presented in a virtual format on July 7-8. Registration for the meeting is free for AACI cancer center members and sustaining members. 

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