Annual Meeting Spotlight: Basic Science and Pediatric Cancer Care

The 2020 AACI/CCAF Annual Meeting will virtually convene AACI cancer center members with national cancer research and advocacy groups, industry, and government health agencies on October 12-13. During two meeting sessions, panelists will discuss the application of basic science and pediatric cancer research to the delivery of improved treatments for all cancers.  

Directors from four basic science centers will talk about work at their centers, highlighting RNA as a drug target in cancer; the use of basic models and technology development; new therapeutic approaches in pancreatic cancer; and how a basic science center can contribute to precision medicine beyond checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T technology.

Recent insights into pediatric cancer and survivorship will be the focus of another session. The field is drawing renewed interest, with recent research showing that more than half of the gene mutations recurrently found in pediatric cancers are not found in adult cancers. 

Additional meeting topics include cancer care in the age of COVID-19; rightsizing cancer screening; cancer care across the lifespan; and disparities in cancer research and care. The meeting will also include updates from the National Cancer Institute director, Dr. Ned Sharpless, as well as a presentation from Dr. Henry Ciolino on NCI's cancer centers program and the Cancer Center Support Grant, along with virtual presentations of AACI's Distinguished Scientist and Champion for Cures awards. 

Meeting registration is free for AACI cancer center members and sustaining members. Continuing Medical Education (CME) is jointly provided by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and AACI.

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