AACI Government Relations
The AACI Government Relations (GR) Forum was created to coordinate efforts among all cancer centers in educating Members of Congress and local officials about the cancer research enterprise and the positive impact cancer center initiatives have on patients. The GR Forum facilitates a better understanding of policy issues as they pertain to cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship.

AACI leadership established a GR Forum Steering Committee to guide the Forum activities to achieve cancer center objectives. The GR Forum Steering Committee consists of government relations professionals or administrators that are knowledgeable within the realm of public policy from AACI member centers with primary responsibility for policy activities within their organizations.

Due to the sequestration of the federal budget, funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) decreased by 5 percent and for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) by 5.8 percent, it is important for AACI's GR Forum to closely follow NIH appropriations and issues that directly impact AACI cancer centers. If you would like to become part of the AACI GR Forum, or to inquire about the GR Forum Steering Committee, please contact AACI's Government Relations Manager.

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