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The Wistar Institute

The Wistar Institute is the nation’s first independent institution devoted to medical research and training. The Wistar Institute has evolved from its beginnings as an anatomical teaching museum to its present-day status as an international leader in basic biomedical research. Wistar discoveries have led to the development of vaccines for rabies, rubella, and rotavirus, the identification of genes associated with breast, lung, and prostate cancer, and the development of monoclonal antibodies and other significant research technologies and tools.


Annual Meeting

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7th Annual
AACI CRI Meeting

July 8-9
Rosemont, IL

2015 AACI/CCAF Annual Meeting
October 25-27
Washington, DC

Physician Clinical Leadership Initiative
October 25
4:00-6:00 pm
Washington, DC

2016 AACI/CCAF Annual Meeting
October 23-25
Chicago, IL