AACI Update ~ July 2018

AACI Update Submission Guidelines

Since its inception a decade ago, AACI's monthly newsletter, AACI Update, has enjoyed steady growth in readership, published news items, and the number of cancer centers submitting stories. More than 1,900 AACI members, policy makers and other interested readers now receive AACI Update by email. It is also posted on AACI's website.

Many thanks to everyone who has made the publication a success, especially the communications professionals who consistently provide AACI with compelling news and top-notch copy. To keep AACI Update at a manageable size, as well as to smooth its production cycle and ensure its continued broad appeal, AACI has developed the following submission guidelines:

1) Given the large volume of submissions, combined with space constraints built into our email distribution software, AACI must limit the number of stories in each issue to two (2) per month per center. PLEASE NOTE: Each center should decide which news item(s) they prefer for publication. If more than two stories are submitted for a given issue, the selections will be made by AACI.

AACI Update stories are organized into two broad categories

• Headlines - Reserved for major stories such as center director appointments, high-impact legislative news and signature AACI activities
• News from the Centers - Stories for "News from the Centers" cover five broad categories
- Awards & Honors
- Grants & Gifts (generally exceeding $1 million)
- Leadership Transitions
- Research Highlights
- Other News

2) Please do not submit stories that are primarily local or regional in focus. AACI Update is aimed at a national readership; consequently, certain types of news are not appropriate for the newsletter. For example:

• Most fundraisers and other promotional events like book signings and foot races
• Personnel matters exclusive of center leadership
• Miscellaneous cancer center business such as new equipment purchases

3) Include a link to the online version of your submissions.

4) Email stories only to aaciupdate@aaci-cancer.org

5) The deadline for submissions is three business days before the first of the month (AACI Update is not published in January and August). Stories submitted later than three business days before the first of the month—the target date for distribution of the Update--will be considered for publication in the following issue (e.g., a story submitted on March 29 for the April Update will be considered for publication in the May Update).

As always, publication and placement of stories and images in AACI Update is at AACI's discretion. Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support of AACI Update. We hope it continues to be a useful tool for sharing your center's good work with the entire cancer research community. We also encourage you to contact AACI Communications Director Chris Zurawsky with any questions or to discuss the submission guidelines.

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