AACI Commentary

CMS Reimbursement Cuts to Cancer Centers Threaten Access to Lifesaving Cancer Treatments for Underserved Patients
By Cheryl L. Willman, MD
July 2018

AACI Commentary Overview

As part of the Association of American Cancer Institutes' (AACI) efforts to promote the work of its member centers to both general audiences and the cancer research community, AACI has launched AACI Commentary, an editorial series focusing on major issues of common interest to the nation's cancer centers.

Each installment of AACI Commentary is written by a cancer center leader. Topics and authors are selected by AACI staff with guidance from AACI's Board of Directors. AACI Commentary is circulated separately by email to the more than 1,900 readers of AACI's popular Update monthly newsletter. It will also be posted on AACI's website (www.aaci-cancer.org).

Recommendations for future topics and authors are welcome and can be submitted to AACI Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Chris Zurawsky.

Author guidelines: While the overall content of each issue of AACI Commentary will be left to the author's discretion, the publication is designed to cover a specific topic in approximately 750-1,000 words.

Archive Issues

Answering the Call for Collaboration to Expand Discoveries and Address Disparities
By Stanton L. Gerson, MD
June 2018

What's Love Got to Do with It? Providing Access to Equitable Health Care for LGBTQI Patients in the Nation's Capital
By Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA
March 2018

Perspectives from the New NCI Director
By Norman E. Sharpless, MD
Winter 2018

Zip Code vs. Genetic Code: Breaking Down Cancer Disparities in Philadelphia
By Karen E. Knudsen, PhD
October 2017

Satisfaction with Oncology Quality and Clinical Operations: A survey from the AACI Physician Clinical Leadership Initiative (PCLI)
By Morgan Dodson, Michael Neuss, Laura Hutchins, Richard Lauer, John Sweetenham, Nathan Levitan, Martha Mims, Mohammed Milhem, Craig Bunnell, Dan Mulkerin, Randall F. Holcombe
Fall 2017

SF CAN: A City Working Together to Fight Cancer
By Alan Ashworth, PhD, FRS
Summer 2017

Integrating Clinical Research into Clinical Care
By Martha Mims, MD, PHD & Sarah McNees, PHD
Spring 2017

The Evolution of the CTO Medical Director: Results from an AACI Clinical Research Initiative Survey
By Paul J. Martin, MD
Winter 2016

AACI's Academic Difference Initiative: Cancer Centers' Impact on Patient Care, Research, Education, and the Local Economy
By George J. Weiner, MD
Fall 2016

Collaboration is the Name of the Game for Advancing Cancer Research and Cures
By Dario C. Altieri, MD
Summer 2016

A Network Model for Innovative Cancer Care Delivery
By Stanley M. Marks, MD
Spring 2016

Breaking Down Silos: AACI Cancer Centers and the National Cancer Moonshot
By Barbara Duffy Stewart, MPH
Special Edition ~ February 2016

Women Belong in Science: Striving for Gender Parity at Fred Hutch
By Gary Gilliland, MD, PhD
Winter 2015

Defining the Qualities of an Effective Mentor
By Patrick J. Loehrer, MD
Fall 2015

CMS' Oncology Care Model: Managing the Move to Value-Based Reimbursement
By Randall F. Holcombe, MD
Summer 2015

ORIEN Points the Way to Wider Data Sharing, New Cancer Therapies
Spring 2015

Leveraging Resources and Talent: The San Diego NCI Cancer Centers Council
By Garth Powis, DPhil, Tony Hunter, PhD, And Scott M. Lippman, MD
Winter 2014

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey: Reorganizing Within an Evolving Matrix Structure
By Robert S. DiPaola, MD
Fall 2014

Extending Federal Research Funding: "Total Cancer Care" and the Promise of Science
By Thomas A. Sellers, MPH, PhD
Summer 2014

All Good Work Requires Self-Revelation
By Donald Trump, MD, FACP
Spring 2014

More is Not Always Better
By George J. Weiner, MD
Winter 2013

Making the Most of Media Coverage: The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Experience
By Stanton L. Gerson, MD
Fall 2013

The Right Drug for the Right Patient: Optimizing Clinical Trials Management
By Tony R. Reid, MD, PhD
Summer 2013

Precision Oncology Implementation at the Nation's Cancer Centers
By Michelle M. Le Beau, PhD
Spring 2013 - Inaugural Issue