Manager, Phase 1 Operations, Clinical Research

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center

This Manager of SCCC CRO Phase I Operations will work closely with the Phase I program physician leader as well as the Associate Director of the Clinical Research Office to identify gaps in portfolio, work with industry to bring in additional critical clinical trials, work with investigators to prepare scientifically sound and feasible investigator initiated trials and provide high quality product in the form of high accruing, safely administered phase I clinical trial research.

Ensure adequate staffing for trial conduct with qualified coordinators, research nurses and other research personnel as appropriate. The Phase I program is responsible for management of all clinical trial activities, irrespective of disease site related to Phase I, cancer-related, dose escalation trials. This position demands a high level of management and expertise and will be expected to supervise mid-level supervisor and project manager who will assist in oversight of day to day activities.

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