AACI Announces Member Forum for COVID-19 Discussion

AACI continues to closely monitor the coronavirus outbreak. To facilitate communication around this rapidly-evolving topic, AACI launched a Slack workspace as a forum for AACI cancer center members and National Cancer Institute (NCI) leaders to share challenges and best practices related to COVID-19 and cancer. To ensure confidentiality and encourage open discussion, all requests to join the forum require administrative approval from AACI. 

As participants in the Slack workspace, AACI cancer center members will be able to share questions and best practices about COVID-19 as it pertains to research, patient care, communications, education, and cancer center operations. Like AACI listservs, the Slack workspace is a platform for sharing institutional policies and operational best practices. Only AACI cancer center members and NCI leaders have access to the workspace, but we encourage members to flag content that AACI can share publicly on its COVID-19 Resources page. 

AACI COVID-19 Resources