Shared Investigator Platform

The Future of Clinical Trial Activation

The Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) is a single information technology solution that facilitates investigative site collaboration with multiple clinical trial sponsors. The SIP reduces the time it takes to initiate a trial by relieving administrative burden and simplifies, accelerates, and reimagines the site and sponsor relationship.

In early 2019, AACI formed a task force of AACI cancer center members to discuss and identify the challenges of SIP implementation. Through collaboration with Cognizant and industry sponsors, the task force helps trial sites setting up their SIP profiles and suggests ways for AACI cancer centers to establish relationships with each other, Cognizant, and sponsors.   

SIP Task Force

Chair - Theresa L. Werner, MD

CTO Medical Director
Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah

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SIP Industry Partners

On May 28, 2020, Cognizant hosted a webinar sharing a high-level overview of the SIP, including a demonstration on how the SIP works, facility set-up examples, and updates.

In order to best serve AACI's members, Cognizant created a "divide-and-conquer" solution to pair each cancer center with a SIP Champion Sponsor. These dedicated sponsors are trained to help create organizational and departmental profiles, upload CVs, and answer general questions related to the implementation process.


On June 18, AACI's Clinical Research Innovation (CRI) hosted a webinar titled "Implementing the Shared Investigator Platform." Panelists were Hobs Apell, The University of Kansas Cancer Center; Lindsay Casetta, CCRP, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute; Jessica Moehle, CCRP, Huntsman Cancer Institute; Lestter Cruz, MD, Cognizant; and Kendra Todd, MBA, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

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AACI and Cognizant will continue to facilitate webinars to relay best practices and new information to centers at various stages of the SIP implementation process. 

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