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Vice President, Cancer Services

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center

April 12, 2021
Vice President
Cancer Services, Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Dartmouth-Hitchcock – Lebanon, New Hampshire

The Vice President of Cancer Services at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center will work at the direction of the Senior Vice President Clinical Operations for DHMC and in collaboration with the NCI-recognized Director of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. The Vice President will assume responsibility for the overall organization and management of NCCC operations, including the sections of Hematology/Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Oncology Infusion Suite, NCCC Regional locations, and Cancer Service line functions across the DH-H System. The Vice President is responsible for the clinical operations, quality and safety and financial performance of the division, ensuring that NCCC can successfully achieve its mission of providing high-quality cancer care and services, effectively and efficiently for the communities we serve. He/she is also responsible for promoting and fostering collaborative clinical, educational, research and administrative relationships across the Dartmouth-Hitchcock System. The VP will also work in close collaboration with physician leadership to carry out clinical, quality and safety operational responsibilities and provide direction and guidance to department directors in planning, organizing and directing the operations of their assigned areas of responsibility.  Effectively develop strategic, operating, and capital plans for the division.  Additionally, the VP must participate in setting operational goals for the cancer service line and institution and work in collaboration with leaders for system shared services divisions to coordinate and manage for the needs of the cancer center.

The VP Cancer Services has a secondary reporting relationship to the DHH System COO who works closely with the Chief Strategy Officer as well as the Chief Clinical Officer for DH-H. The VP Cancer Services works closely with the System COO, and existing and future System leaders, to execute on cancer services strategy, integration and operations and is responsible for:

·         Identifying gaps in cancer care delivery and communicates and works collaboratively with system leaders on solutions.

·         Supporting, leading and managing Cancer Services system integration efforts at various DH-H System member locations.

·         Promoting a system-wide approach for NCCC Cancer Services across DH-H.

·         Leading system-wide projects when appropriate.

A key priority is the establishment of a positive organizational climate and engagement which promotes a high level of staff effectiveness within the division through defined expectations, clear directions, and open communication.  The VP must also convey a high level of integrity and foster the overall spirit of cooperation, trust and respect in the Medical Center and across the health system.

POSITION Responsibilities:

·         Develop strategic plans, operating plans, operating budgets, and capital budgets for NCCC within areas of direct managerial responsibility. Coordinate these plans and budgets across the D-H system with other members of the administrative and/or medical and clinical staff. 

·         Develop the cancer service line concept and ensure that the financial integrity of the service line is maintained and that high standards of safety and productivity are achieved in the operations, regardless of location.

·         Establish effective regional relationships which encourage development of appropriate DHMC NCCC regional services to meet patient care needs.  Effectively coordinates the development of regional clinical programs and services in conjunction with DHMC, D-H Divisions, and community providers as appropriate to benefit the communities served by D-H and to advance DHMC/NCCCs mission and goals.    

·         Demonstrate the ability to effectively exchange information, interact, and work with others inside and outside the organization in a way that promotes productive work relationships.  Maintain a high level of interaction with physicians and employees throughout D-H and assure effective communication to promote a positive work environment. Ensure the ongoing development of subordinate directors and managers.

·         Demonstrate effective problem-solving skills. Demonstrate the ability to listen and understand the needs of internal and external customers and develop an implementation plan to address their needs. 

·         Develop a collaborative and supportive environment to directly enhance the complex patient care, academic and research missions of D-H/NCCC.

·         Demonstrate the ability to clearly understand and communicate objectives and contribute to implementing strategies needed to achieve desired changes.


1.     Create an environment in which constructive change becomes the norm and in which there is an emphasis on continuous growth and development.

2.     Recognize the need to constantly change and improve in order to be competitive in local marketplace.

3.     Facilitate continual process improvements and empowers employees and teams to accomplish improvements.

4.     Serve as a role model by leading, developing and empowering teams.

5.     Foster an environment for team effectiveness and actively promotes a sense of common purpose and mutual accountability.

6.     Assure that processes are in place to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of achieving performance targets across the division and regional network of cancer clinics.


·         Operate effectively in a “Matrix” organizational model effectively using influence to engage key partners to successfully implement the strategies and tactics required to meet the Cancer Services objectives.

·         Serve as an administrative representative of DHMC/NCCC to the region, State and various Boards and committees as appropriate.

·         When required serve as the institution’s administrative representative for appropriate accreditation organizations (CoC, Commission on Cancer, NCI, etc).

Skills & Knowledge:

·         Demonstrated ability to cultivate and maintain long-term, collaborative relationships with research community stakeholders in a complex healthcare environment, with record of results to achieve mutual goals.

·         Senior level experience related to the management of clinical trials operations, and finance. The candidate must also possess a strong foundation in research regulations and compliance risk management controls.

·         Proven leadership record of accomplishment, including development and execution of integrated governance and restructuring strategies and the ability to motivate and inspire contributors in a collaborative, goal-oriented fashion.

·         With a focus on continuous process improvement, proactively seeks out opportunities to improve customer service, inter-institutional collaboration, operational efficiency, revenue generation and strategic partnerships (internal and external).

Minimum Qualifications:

·         MBA, MHSA, MHA, MSN or equivalent with 10 years significant experience in healthcare management, preferably with direct supervision of cancer services or in an Academic Medical Center or in an integrated health system. 

·         Proven ability to work effectively with a broad range of people and to manage within a complex organizational system required. 

·         Strong understanding of Quality and Safety as well as Shared Governance principles required.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock is a major academic medical center located in the beautiful Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont, an area always highly ranked when it comes to measuring quality of life. In fact, the State of New Hampshire’s “Life Index”, a compilation of independent national studies on quality of life among the 50 states, rates New Hampshire as #1 and Vermont as #3. These independent evaluations confirm what the employees of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health already know…that New Hampshire and Vermont are very special places to live, work and do business. There are many reasons why our states scored so well in these surveys, including the fact that we have some of the most advanced educational institutions, best health care, and diverse cultural and recreational offerings you will find anywhere in the country.  It is this diverse quality of life that brings vibrancy to the towns and villages of the “Upper Valley”. People live here because they want to. Here are just a few other reasons why people love this area of New England.

·         New Hampshire has no personal income or sales tax.

·         New Hampshire has 33 and Vermont has 19 alpine and cross-country ski resorts.

·         In the most recent rankings from U.S. News and World Report for quality education by state, New Hampshire ranked 5th and Vermont ranked 8th nationwide.

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, veteran status, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by law.