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Research Phlebotomist Cancer Clinical Trials

Stony Brook Cancer Center

April 20, 2021
Suffolk County, Long island NY

Research Phlebotomist – Cancer Clinical Trials
Posting- 2101100
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Brief Description of Duties:
The Research Phlebotomist is a valuable member of our team, who will demonstrate a high degree of technical competence and knowledge in current methods and techniques. Qualified candidates will demonstrate superior patient care and possess outstanding communication skills while adhering to our high standard of excellence. Duties of the Research Phlebotomist for the Cancer Center Clinical Trials Department may include but is not limited to:
• Collects blood specimens from research participants and potential research participants through the performance of venipuncture, capillary puncture techniques and/or making an incision on the patient's arm.
• Process (spin, aliquot, freeze samples; make peripheral blood slides) and ship labs to appropriate institutions in a timely manner, according to the sponsor specifications.
• Prepare blood collection tubes and deliver to appropriate locations (CC Lab, TRU, coordinator, or procedure rooms/clinics).
• Collect required data from study coordinators and research nurses, and enter onto clinical research forms and into the study lab specimen database.
• Transport blood and other collected specimens to laboratory departments, and/or handles shipping of specimens in accordance with proper procedures for such transport and handling.
• Organize lab and file room to maintain an efficient and safe workplace (Organizing kits, shippers, patient binders/folders, shipping documents, miscellaneous lab/CCCTO related items).
• Order and return/destroy supplies and kits as needed.
• Meet with study-specific monitors for Site Initiation Visits and monitoring visits to go over lab training, kit inventories, and stored samples.
• Meet with investigators to determine logistics (what kind of labs are needed, where to store or send, how long will it take to process for billing purposes) of lab samples for Investigator Initiated Trials.
• Help facilitate Lab Competency Training for new CCCTO employees (processing and shipping labs, biohazard waste location, wearing proper PPE, and discussing Exposure Control Plan).
• Assist with coordination of preventative maintenance for laboratory equipment.
• Troubleshoot lab-related issues involving delivering extra tubes, clarification of blood draw order and times, last minute research lab add-ons, and missed labs.
• Other duties as assigned.

Special Notes:
The Research Foundation of SUNY is a private educational corporation. Employment is subject to the Research Foundation policies and procedures, sponsor guidelines and the availability of funding.
FLSA Nonexempt position, eligible for the overtime provisions of the FLSA. Evening and weekend
work will be required at times.
This position may be required to periodically work on the evening, night and weekend shifts. The
position also requires working in various environments throughout the facility, throughout the shift.
(Towers, Pavilion & Mart).

Essential Position: This has been designated as an essential position based on the duties of the job
and the functions performed. Positions that are designated as such are required to report to
work/remain at work even if classes are cancelled, and the campus is working on limited operations in
an emergency.

Required Qualifications (as evidenced by an attached resume):
High School Diploma/GED. A certificate in Phlebotomy from a recognized college, school, training
program, hospital, health care facility, or the Armed Services. One (1) year of full-time experience as
a Phlebotomist. Highly proficient, professional experience in word processing, spreadsheet
management, electronic messaging and Internet applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Google Apps, etc.).

Preferred Qualifications:
Oncology and/or chemotherapy experience. Clinical trials research experience. IRB research