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Program Director, Clinical Research & Community Engagement

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

November 8, 2021
OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute, Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR) Center

Program Director, Clinical Research & Community Engagement

Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR) center is a collaborative institution within the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. The Knight Cancer Institute, known as one of the pioneers in personalized cancer medicine, is an international leader in research and cancer treatment. At CEDAR our mission is to detect and stop lethal cancers at the earliest stage because early detection saves lives. We are composed of biologists, chemists, biomedical engineers, computationalists, and clinicians conducting groundbreaking translational cancer research to help people maintain a high quality of life and reduce cancer mortality, to create a global early detection community, and to have a positive impact on the Oregon economy.

As Program Director, CEDAR Clinical Research & Community Engagement, you are responsible for building a team and developing and executing a strategy for early detection clinical trials and for working as a liaison between our programs and the community, to ensure that as clinical trials are initiated, we have the ability to serve all of Oregon with those trials.

You will work closely with the Knight Cancer Institute Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) program which aims to identify and address cancer health disparities among minority and/or underserved populations, including rural, through relevant research, community outreach, engagement and education, and through programs and partnerships. The COE program has developed stakeholder groups for many underserved populations in Oregon as well as developed a network of community research liaisons to interact with the broader Oregon community.

With an eye toward ensuring diversity and inclusion in CEDAR trials, you will provide administrative oversight of all clinical research operations within the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute clinical research early detection program.  Your responsibilities include supporting the CEDAR Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and investigators in scientific program development, program development for clinical research operations and for community engagement and research participant diversity, personnel management for program employees, management of finances associated with clinical research accounts and overall organization budget, and early detection group program development in collaboration with early detection site leaders and investigators.  In support of these activities, you are involved in continual process improvement to further the efficiency and effectiveness of the program and assessment of feasibility and implementation of new projects.

You will play a critical role in engaging with communities and leaders within Portland and across to the state to address locally-identified health needs and initiatives in the region with support from the Community Research Hub. In particular, the COE group is working to develop and strengthen stakeholder groups and community engagement from multiple historically underserved populations. As Program Director you we expect you to take a leadership role in establishing connections with the Oregon Hispanic/Latinx community and working collaboratively with COE to develop a stakeholder group to foster engagement between the stakeholder group and the Knight Cancer Institute.

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