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Laboratory Director, Biospecimen Repository Core Facility

The University of Kansas Cancer Center

October 6, 2021
Laboratory Director, Biospecimen Repository Core Facility (BRCF)

The University of Kansas Cancer Center is seeking a Laboratory Director, Biospecimen Repository Core Facility (BRCF) to manage all day-to-day laboratory activities of the BRCF and will oversee the staff of the three laboratory activities (bodily fluids, tissue, and histology) as part of the biobank. Will communicate extensively with all BRCF personnel and users. ​The Lab Director will plan, direct, and coordinate activities in support of KUCC members and KUMC faculty and their staff regarding the collection, banking, and distribution of biospecimen needs to support translational research. Will perform all lab duties needed to oversee this essential research core activity. 

The Biospecimen Core Facility (BRCF), led by Andrew K. Godwin, PhD (Founding Director) and by Rashna Madan, MBBS, FCAP, FASCP (Assistant Director) plays a vital role in the University of Kansas Cancer Center (KUCC) and KU Medical Center (KUMC) by its ethical collection, storage, annotation, and distribution of high quality biospecimens, such as fresh/fresh-frozen tumor tissues of varying histology and bodily fluids (e.g., blood, bone marrow, saliva, urine, ascites fluids) which are essential to support translational research and investigator-initiated studies.  The BRCF also provides expert histopathology support and combines the expertise of pathologists, translational researchers, and technical personnel to produce a comprehensive and focused approach to support the research activities at KUCC.  Additionally, tissue biospecimen collection is facilitated by pathology assistants, residents and fellows at the KU Hospital and the Indian Creek Campus (ICC) as part of the University of Kansas Health System’s (TUKHS) commitment to the BRCF.  The BRCF is fully equipped for biospecimen collection, processing, and distribution, and thus, the BRCF adheres to the OSHA laboratory standards for handling cryogens, ISBER Best Practice for Repositories, and NCI Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources, and has developed Standard Operating Procedures to govern each of these processes. The collection, processing, and distribution of specimens by the BRCF staff has grown substantially since its inception in 2011. This now includes collections of pediatric specimens from ICC, Children’s Mercy (CM) and underserved populations from the satellite biospecimen bank at Truman Medical Center (TMC), a member of the Masonic Cancer Alliance (MCA) and the largest safety-net provider in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. 

Required Qualifications:

·         Education: Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, or related disciplines. Experience may substitute for degree on a year for year basis.

·         Work Experience: At least 5 years lab management.

·         Skills: Excellent laboratory skills. Have in-depth knowledge of specimen collection, processing, banking, and histology services. Previous experience in managing laboratory personnel. Excellent leadership, time management skills and ability to communicate with both staff and faculty.

Preferred Qualifications:

·         Education: Master’s degree and above (PhD or MD/Phd).

Position Responsibilities:

Manage all day-to-day activities in three labs (body fluids, tissue, and histology) within the Biospecimen Repository Core Facility. 
Oversee the BRCF Clinical Laboratory Supervisors and their respective staff regarding collection and banking of human biospecimens including donated body fluids (blood, plasma, serum, bone marrow, ascites fluids, urine, salvia, etc.) and the procurement of remnant tissue from surgically resected tissues to maximize the collection of tissues. Manage operational issues for the BRCF such as biospecimen volume, quality and processing and maintains metrics on biospecimens. 
Have in-depth knowledge of specimen collection, processing, banking, and histology services. 
Ensure specimen requests are filled in a timely fashion. 
Maintain all BRCF Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 
Serve as a liaison to TUKHS Pathology group regarding tissue procurement and processing to support translational research. 
Monitor the collection and distribution of human biospecimens for KUCC and KUMC users. 
Responsible for oversight of tissue specimen needs and the sectioning and processing required for eligibility on clinical trials. 
Ensure accurate and timely collection of specimens and processing of specimens donated to the BRCF from multiple sites, including Westwood, Indian Creek, Truman Medical Center, and TUKHS main campus.  
Ensure all requirements for specimen integrity have been met (positive patient identification, correct specimen collected, proper transport of specimen). 
Manage disposal of biohazardous materials, chemical waste, sharps, and other hazardous materials according to policy and strictly adhere to safety and infection control procedures. 
Recognize sources of error or inappropriate specimen collection and initiate corrective action when indicated. Assure appropriate personnel have been contacted and the incident documented according to SOPs.  
Responsible for quality assurance/ quality improvement activities related to specimen collection, handling, processing, cataloging, retrieval, and 
Closely collaborate with laboratory and research staff, pathology, and tissue repository staff to assure all project personnel are aware of and trained in specimen collection/ processing needs for the various studies being supported by the BRCF. 
Consistently recognize the importance of BRCF users’ needs. Take the time to listen to and acknowledge the needs of PIs and their staff members and make every attempt to be available to help address needs for human biospecimens. 
Ensure all lab equipment is calibrated, maintained and operable and keep appropriate documentation. 
Work with the Project Manager for Data Coordinators to ensure the accurate recording of the BRCF specimen resources.  
Work with the Program Development Manager for Research Coordinators to ensure the appropriate volume of specimen collections are maintained. 
Meet with laboratory staff daily to ensure all specimen collection needs are being met across all collection sites.  
Attend and actively participate in meetings with PIs and potential BRCF users in conjunction with the BRCF’s Program Development Manager for Research Coordinators and the Project Manager for Data Coordinators. 
Prepare the BRCF for accreditation by a national accreditation agency such as the College of American Pathologists.
Meet monthly with BRCF leadership to review staff issues and outstanding user requests. 
Perform other duties as may be assigned by their supervisors (Director and Assistant Director, BRCF). 

KU Medical Center is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran or disability status, or genetic information.

For more information or to apply, please go to: University of Kansas Medical Center - Workday ( Feel free to contact, Alana Estes, Sr. Recruiter at or 913-588-5387.