Cancer Center Jobs

Biorepository and Tissue Analysis Operations Manager

Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina

August 17, 2023
The Biorepository and Tissue Analysis (BTA) Shared Resource (SR) Operations Manager at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Hollings Cancer Center (HCC) is responsible for 1) facility management, 2) judicious allocation of resources, 3) evaluation of staff, staffing needs, and SR performance, 4) operational costs and efficiencies, and 5) instrument repair, upgrades, and service contracts. The position is responsible for day-to-day operations and interfacing with the BTA SR Director, HCC SR Administrative Manager, and HCC Associate Director of Shared Resources to help oversee all aspects of shared resource management (e.g., operations, cost-effectiveness and usage, monitoring user satisfaction, policy development). This position serves as a liaison between clinicians, pathologists, and research investigators and includes coordinating the transfer of biospecimens and any additional relevant clinical information to researchers.