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Education Outreach & Communications Manager

The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center

May 21, 2021
Education Outreach & Communications Manager

Hyde Park Campus

BSD CCC - Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Disparities

About the Department
The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCCCC) is a national leader among cancer centers in supporting the training and career development of next-generation cancer researchers and clinicians, with a special commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within the cancer research workforce. The UCCCC is home to rigorous cancer research pathway programs, providing research experiences and mentorship to more than 50 high school and college students each year, most of whom identify as underrepresented in the sciences. The UCCCC also offers immersive research experiences to local high school science educators, partnering with them and Chicago Public Schools to provide science enrichment to students throughout the city, especially the South Side. Within the University, the UCCCC supports the training and career development of undergraduates, doctoral and medical students, and postdoctoral and clinical fellows pursuing cancer research.

Job Summary
The Education Outreach & Communications Manager will provide essential curriculum and logistic support across UCCCC education initiatives, with a particular focus on developing and sustaining the center’s cancer research pathway programs: Chicago EYES (Educators and Youth Enjoy Science) on Cancer, researcHStart, and SHE (Summer Health Experience) in Oncology. This at-will position is wholly or partially funded by extramural funds (e.g., grant, gift, endowment) which is renewed under provisions set by the grantor. Your employment will be contingent upon the continued receipt of these extramural funds and your satisfactory job performance. If this position is eliminated due to the discontinuation of extramural funding, you will be given a minimum of one pay period’s written notice (If exempt: 30 days, If non-exempt: 2 weeks), or pay in-lieu of notice.


·         Leadership of research skill-building and career development activities for high school and undergraduate trainees.

·         Leadership of curriculum and professional development activities for secondary science educators.

·         Leadership of education outreach activities for community groups as young as grade school.

·         Leadership of career development activities for graduate, postdoctoral and clinical trainee associate members of the UCCCC.

·         Management of the UCCCC teaching laboratory and equipment.

·         Direct mentorship of aspiring cancer researchers and clinicians across the training continuum.

·         Assists with the development and implementation of education outreach. May collaborate programs with teachers on implementing curriculum in the classroom.

·         Evaluates and documents performance of programs, making or recommending improvements when appropriate.

·         Performs other related work as needed.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum requirements include a college or university degree in related field.

Work Experience:

Minimum requirements include knowledge and skills developed through 2-5 years of work experience in a related job discipline.



Preferred Qualifications


·         Advanced degree (Master’s or PhD) in biological sciences, ideally cancer-related.


·         At least two years of experience in teaching or mentoring capacity. 

·         At least two years of wet lab experience. 

·         Curriculum development experience.

·         Experience in efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.  

·         Experience in computer programming or bioinformatics.

Preferred Competencies

·         Exceptional interpersonal skills.

·         Capacity for both self-directed and team-oriented work.

·         Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

·         Strong creative, analytical, and organizational skills. 

·         Ability to multi-task, set priorities and perform well under tight deadlines. 

·         Exceptional oral and written communication skills.

·         Commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

·         Excellent operational knowledge of MS Office Suite, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. 

Application Documents

·         Resume (required)

·         Cover letter (preferred)