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Associate Director of Finance, Clinical Trials Office

Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah

September 22, 2020
Associate Director of Finance, Clinical Trials Office

The Huntsman Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Office (CTO) intends to fill an Associate Director for Clinical Trial Finance, reporting to the HCI Directors of Finance at CTO, Director of Operations.

This position will be responsible to direct and oversee all aspects of accounting activities in the CTO, while providing strategic planning of financial initiatives. The position entails direct leadership and oversight for both the CTO and Research Compliance Office (RCO) departments financial operations and include but are not limited to general accounting, cost accounting, budget formulation and projection, payroll, invoicing, all pre and post-award activities, Medicare Coverage Analysis for research, patient research billing compliance on over 400 individual clinical trial projects and 2000 active research patients. The role encompasses the personnel management and directives for the staff in the CTO Financial Operations team (approximately 12 FTEs).  

Responsible for planning, organizing, projecting, directing and/or controlling all aspects pertaining to management and training of the clinical trial financial management for institutional and externally-sponsored trials; programmatic financial management operations pertaining to areas including but not limited to process development, standardization, compliant and efficient conduct of financial management within clinical studies. Acts as a catalyst between the Office of the Director of Operations and CTO Medical Director with HCI Finance and other departments, faculty, physicians and staff to ensure continuity and quality of financial accounting.

The position reports administratively to the Director of Accounting and Finance at HCI in conjunction with CTO Director of Operations.

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Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Health Care Administration or related area, or equivalency; eight years of progressively more responsible management experience; and demonstrated leadership, human relations and effective communications skills required.

This position has no responsibility for providing care to patients.

Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.

Essential Functions:

1.      Exhibits a high level of fiduciary responsibility for the operation of a multi-million dollar department budget.

2.      Oversees clinical trial specific and departmental financial operations implementation with overall financial goals and objectives that are consistent with the University and HCI financial goals and objectives.

3.      Sets short and long term goals for the financial operations team while forecasting and evaluating budgetary requirements including conducting financial analysis for the department and clinical trial portfolio growth.

4.      Develops and directs compilation of data used to prepare budgets and accounting for clinical trial projects and clinical trials operations.

5.      Implements policies, procedures and processes for the establishment and continued improvement of effective clinical research financial growth and health.

6.      Assesses accuracy, completeness and quality of financial data.

7.      Oversees the training, mentorship and competency for clinical trial grants & contracts officers, patient billing specialists, and staff accountants.

8.      Interfaces with the Huntsman Finance Administration office, University’s Office of Sponsored Projects, Technology Venture Commercialization, Clinical Research Education & Compliance Office and the Office of General Council.

9.      Facilitates cooperative and collaborative community and institutional relationships.

10.  Performs high-level risk assessments to identify and analyze risk areas for the purpose of drafting, communicating, and executing action plans.

11.  Directs staff providing support to investigator-initiated budget development.

12.  Participates in oversight committees to establish standards and administrative plans and policies

13.  Participates in the development and interpretation of department polices to ensure compliance with University and federal policies and regulatory requirements. May authorize exceptions to department policy and procedures. Ensures compliance with Federal and state regulations.

14.  Facilitates cooperative and collaborative community and institutional and external relationships

15.  Develops finance departmental strategies consistent with the department’s continuous quality improvement and training program.

16.  Oversees all aspects of human resource management including recruitment and retention of finance staff and ongoing staff performance evaluations.

Essential Characteristics
Ability to: communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; organize and manage complex projects and programs; successfully manage change; and find creative solutions with successful and positive outcomes. Must be a self-starter with high professional standards and strong attention to detail. Self-motivated and independent. Spots problems and proactively works to craft solutions. Can work under a deadline, possesses coping skills. Displays integrity, patience, and discretion. Has a positive attitude and is approachable. Admires and is committed to the goals of HCI.

Problem Solving
This position frequently addresses problematic situations and often acts a mediator or a negotiator.
Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.

Strong background in human-subjects research; experience with oncology clinical trials and personnel team management. Demonstrated leadership skills in planning and directing employees and processes in order to effectively monitor and develop subordinates and to ensure the smooth operation of department.