Hill Day Scholarship

Supporting Patient Advocates

The Hill Day Scholarship Program was established by AACI in 2019 to support the participation of patient advocates at the AACI/AACR Hill Day. AACI is offering scholarships to patient advocates to help defray the costs of airfare, lodging, meals, and ground transportation. 

To be eligible for a scholarship, the nominee should be a well-known advocate for an AACI member cancer center who has benefited from cancer care and can speak to the work and reputation of the cancer center. The recipient can be a patient, former patient, friend, or family member of a patient, enrolled in a clinical trial or receiving standard treatment.

Up to five scholarship recipients will be selected by AACI's Government Relations Forum Steering Committee, and the cancer center representative submitting the application will be notified of their nominee’s status by April 3, 2020.

A representative of the cancer center must accompany the patient advocate on all Hill Day visits. The scholarship recipient or cancer center sponsoring the participant will be reimbursed following their travel to Washington, DC, after submitting itemized receipts per AACI’s travel policy.

If your nominee is selected, they will be required to register for Hill Day

Please note: AACI reserves the right to rescind the award if the recipient cancels their Hill Day travel and/or meetings less than one week before the event (May 6, 2020). 


Monday, March 23
Nomination forms due

Monday March 30
Government Relations Steering Committee completes review of nominations

Friday, April 3
Cancer centers notified of recipients

Wednesday, May 13
Hill Day

Application Form

Nominee Information

Cancer Center Representative Information