Surge of New Cancer Center Leadership Marks 2017 Annual Meeting

The Association of American Cancer Institutes will welcome about two dozen new cancer center directors, when it convenes its annual meeting in Washington, DC, on October 15.

The unprecedented influx of new directors “is a watershed opportunity to reinvigorate our focus and determination,” said AACI President Stanton Gerson, MD. “The cancer centers represent the major national effort against cancer, combining research, clinical care, training and community outreach.“

Stan Collender, a federal budget issues expert and Merkel cell carcinoma survivor, will be the meeting’s keynote speaker, and the 2017 AACI Distinguished Scientist Award will be presented to Carl H. June, MD, director of translational research at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania. U.S. Senators Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Bob Casey (D-PA) will receive the 2017 AACI Public Service Award.

This year’s annual meeting program, jointly formulated by AACI and the Cancer Center Administrators Forum (CCAF), features an update on AACI’s Network Care Initiative, led by Dr. Gerson, followed by a panel discussion on managing cancer center networks. The meeting, running from October 15 - 17, will also feature talks on immunotherapy, clinical trials, precision medicine, cancer disparities, and the impact of Washington’s new political landscape on financing cancer care.

Details about the AACI/CCAF meeting and registration information are here.