AACI Welcomes Salk as New Member

The Salk Institute Cancer Center, in La Jolla, California, is AACI’s newest member. Reuben Shaw, PhD, is the director. The center was established at the Salk Institute in 1970 and is a basic research National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Cancer Center.

The center comprises about half of the research at the Salk Institute. It includes 30 faculty members, 199 postdoctoral researchers, 41 graduate students and 101 research assistants. A Cancer Center Support (Core) Grant from the National Cancer Institute helps support many shared resources at the Salk Institute, including shared equipment, bioinformatics, functional genomics/quantitative PCR, proteomics, cytometry, imaging, peptide synthesis, transgenic facilities, and viral vector production.

In March 2013 the Salk center joined the NCI-designated UCSD Moores Cancer Center and the NCI-designated Sanford Burnham Cancer Center to form the San Diego National Cancer Institute Cancer Centers Council (SD NCI C3). This novel collaboration will allow all three centers to leverage their distinct and combined resources and talents. See the Winter 2014 AACI Commentary for more details.

The original research programs in the Cancer Center emphasized tumor virology. As the center grew, the programs broadened to include various areas of molecular, cell, and developmental biology.