Fearon Named Director at University of Michigan

Eric Fearon, MD, PhD, has been named director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Dr. Fearon, the Emanuel N. Maisel Professor of Oncology at the University of Michigan, is a nationally recognized investigator in cancer genetics. His research has led to a greater understanding of gene defects that cause colon and rectal cancer to develop and spread.

Dr. Fearon joined the University of Michigan in 1995, and was appointed associate director for basic science research at the cancer center. His role within the center expanded in 2005 to deputy director. He also served as division chief for Molecular Medicine and Genetics within the Department of Internal Medicine. He received his medical and doctorate degrees from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Fearon has authored more than 135 peer-reviewed research manuscripts and more than 60 review articles and book chapters. He has served on the editorial boards of various journals in the cancer biology and human genetics fields.

Dr. Fearon succeeds Ted Lawrence, MD, PhD, who stepped down as cancer center director to continue his role as chair of the university’s Department of Radiation Oncology, which he has held for 18 years.