AACI Thanks Vice President Biden for Leading Cancer Moonshot

In a letter sent last week to Vice President Joe Biden, the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) thanked him for spearheading the effort for a "moonshot" to end cancer, and enthusiastically offered to work closely with the vice president in advancing the groundbreaking initiative.

Responding to the vice president’s focus on expanded cooperation among cancer centers, AACI noted that since its inception in 1959, the association has served as the rallying point for academic cancer centers, breaking down silos and facilitating cooperation by supporting cancer centers’ ability to work together.

AACI also indicated its full support of the vice president’s goal of revolutionizing the sharing of medical and research data, noting that AACI cancer centers are a primary source for the generation, collection and use of molecular, clinical and outcomes data.

“A coordinated cancer moonshot will allow us to accelerate our research progress, thereby reducing the pain and suffering caused by cancer, for current and future generations,” AACI President George J. Weiner, MD, said in a press release issued after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address on January 12. “The nation’s cancer centers look forward to working with the President and Vice President to move these general concepts from the drawing board to the launching pad."

Also last week, President Obama announced the establishment of a White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force, within the Office of the Vice President, consisting of the heads of at least 13 federal agencies. The vice president will serve as chair of the task force.