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Historically, the clinical management of patients with cancer has been based on the anatomic site and tumor histology. In the past few decades, the identification of pathogenic mutations within oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes that confer sensitivity to targeted therapies has resulted in a paradigm shift to one where the molecular characteristics of a tumor play a critical role in guiding the selection of therapy.

Numerous challenges impede the implementation of comprehensive molecular diagnostics within cancer centers, including the acquisition of appropriate tissues, development of mutation panels, selection of technology platforms and regulatory reimbursement policies. To provide guidance to cancer centers in identifying and addressing these and other obstacles to molecular diagnostics implementation, AACI has launched the Molecular Diagnostics Initiative (MDI) as the focus of Dr. Michelle M. Le Beau's AACI presidential initiative.

AACI Commentary ~ Spring 2013
Precision Oncology Implementation at the Nation's Cancer Centers
By Michelle M. Le Beau, PhD