Contracting Officer

UF Health Cancer Center

The Contracting Officer I will be part of a professional team within the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) and will represent the University of Florida (UF) in the preparation, negotiation, and activation of all sponsored agreements under the purview of the OCR (with a specific focus on federal and industry funded complex contracts). The Officer will also be responsible for the preparation, negotiation and activation of incoming and outgoing Subawards for studies under the purview of the OCR, (Subrecipients to include, but not limited to universities, non-academic research institutions, and commercial entities, both domestic and international.)

The Officer will review, research, analyze and, in consultation with UF General Counsel, interpret applicable laws, governmental regulations, and sponsor requirements relating to sponsored agreements to formulate effective approaches to ensure compliance for UF. The Officer will leverage established policies, procedures, contract templates, and internal forms appropriate for UF to document its compliance. The Officer will be available to review and analyze audit reports and financial documentation to help determine whether action should be taken in the form of management decisions, special amended contractual terms, or other monitoring measures deemed appropriate. The Officer will also be a central point of contact for all contractual activities under the purview of the OCR.

Essential functions of this position include:
• The Officer will review and negotiate terms and conditions for all clinical research agreements and their amendments under the purview of the OCR. Agreements types include, but are not limited to the following: Confidentiality Agreements (CDA’s), Master Service Agreements (MSA’s), Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA’s), Data Use Agreements (DUA’s), incoming and outgoing Subawards. The Officer will be responsible ensuring that executed agreements/awards that present from a variety of domestic and international sponsors comply with UF policy as well as state and federal guidelines. The Officer will exercise independent judgment to ensure that all agreements and their respective amendments are negotiated and issued timely and are compliant with UF’s policies and procedures, applicable terms and conditions of prime awards, applicable state and federal law, and applicable government regulations. The Officer will review and negotiate other challenging agreements in the OCR, including those with federal and state contracts, and non-profit sponsors with challenging or complex terms and conditions.
• The Officer will maintain knowledge of federal, state and non-profit sponsor regulations, policies, requirements, procedures, and other areas pertinent to the scope of work assigned. The Officer will assist in detecting areas where new regulations need to be interpreted, implemented and communicated into existing and, as warranted development of new policy statements, procedural guidelines and associate business objects.
• The Officer will liaise with the Office of Technology Licensing, the Division of Research Compliance and other UF core offices as needed to ensure that UF/OCR policies, procedures and standards are observed.
• In terms of Clinical Trials, The Officer will be responsible for creating procurement mechanisms that safeguard UF against risk associated with, but not limited to Good Clinical Practice, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Human Subjects Protections (OHRP, HIPPA, etc.) JCAHO, Sunshine Act, Stark, State or Florida, UF and/or other local requirements, etc. Related to Sub-Awards, The Officer will be responsible for ensuring compliance with Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act reporting.
• The Officer will support other OCR contracting Officers in complex negotiations, development of specialized agreements with sponsors, and provide liaison activity between UF, Faculty and Sponsoring Agencies. The Officer will assist the Director of the OCR and the Assistant Director, Research Administration for OCR as needed in performing other duties as assigned that relate to the OCR’s contracting activities.

Interested applicants can find the full listing including the application and specific requirements here.